Dotmod DotRDA Single Coil 22MM RDA Blue

925,00 ZAR each

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Please note colour of drip tip may vary from the picture


Dotmod's DotRDA 22mm is designed to outperform in the single coil RDA category with an exceptional build deck that surpasses it's competition. The deck is a two post design where the airflow is milled directly into either side of the deck and through the post. This ensures the shortest distance air has to travel to your coil which in turn increases flavor output. Although the terminals sit quite close to the wall of the deck, Dotmod has included a coil trimming tool that ensures your leads are cut to the correct length and angle (120 degrees). Once your coil is properly trimmed simply unfasten the top mounted hex screws on each post and then slide your coil in. Two notches on either side of the deck are intended for use with a coiling rod to ensure that your coil is seated properly and to hold it in place when securing the leads. True to Dotmod's high standard of build quality, the DotRDA single coil is impeccably machined out of 24k gold-plated brass with an anodised aluminium top cap. The RDA comes squonk ready and is bundled with a tasteful frosted top cap topped with an ultem drip tip as well as a 24mm ultem beauty ring which makes the atomiser sit flush with your 24mm mods and reduces potential damage from the atomiser to your mod. The DotRDA single coil is ideal for flavor oriented squonk setups and is engineered with every consideration towards that end in mind. 

  • 22mm diameter
  • Single coil
  • 5mm airflow milled directly into posts allows for greater flavor
  • 7mm deep juice well
  • 2.0mm*1.5mm terminal dimensions
  • Domed top cap
  • Coil trimming tool ensures your leads will fit perfectly
  • Deck is machined out of 24k gold-plated brass
  • Top cap is composed of anodised aluminium
  • 1x DotRDA Single Coil 22mm
  • 1x Frosted top cap
  • 1x Ultem beauty ring
  • 1x Coil trimming tool and coil rod
  • 1x Anodised aluminium drip tip
  • 1x Ultem drip tip
  • 1x Squonk pin
  • 1x Standard 510 pin
  • 1x Pre-built coils
  • 2x Extra o-rings
  • 2x Grub screws
  • 1x Certificate of authenticity